WiT Middle East
Virtual 2020

November 25, 2020

Travel Zero.O: Reboot

2:00PM-6:00PM UAE Time (GMT+4)

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About WiT Middle East Virtual 2020
Travel Zero.O: Reboot

November 25, 2:00PM-6:00PM UAE Time (GMT+4)


WiT takes its “Travel Zero.O” theme to the Middle East and puts the spotlight how the travel industry in region is rebooting for the future. To quote Doc Brown in “Back To The Future”, “Things have certainly changed around here.”


Pre-Covid, Dubai was primed to host WorldExpo 2020, that would seal its position as an unstoppable world city. Saudi Arabia, a key economic engine of the region, had opened its borders to leisure tourism. For the first time, it felt like the region was on the move, in unison.


How has the region adapted to a world gone local? And as local borders open, it will be very much a regional play first and foremost – how are brands adapting to these market changes?


Over two days, three hours each, WiT Middle East will catch up on all the changes that have taken place this year and examine the key themes and trends that will drive recovery and travel in one of the world’s most dynamic markets. Customer behaviour was already changing at super speed pre-Covid; how will this main driving force influence the evolution of online travel, hospitality, aviation, destination marketing and the entire travel value chain in the years ahead?


Join us as we spark conversations and ideas about the things that really matter in travel.