October 19-20, 2021
Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore

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A hybrid event – in-person for up to 250, and virtual for everyone.

Here's why you should come to WiT

To connect in person with 250 delegates 

To host new entrants to the industry and to rekindle friendships 

To celebrate the togetherness of travel

To collaborate at the first physical travel conference in Singapore in
2 years

To toast the homecoming of travel


In the past year and more, the idea of home has taken on new meaning.
Consider these four ideas.

The place we lived in became the place we worked in, where our children studied, a place we could not leave. We embraced tech and hybrid lives, moving between virtual and physical. It made us think differently about the way we work, meet and play.

Upending work, meet and play –
our liberation

For our customers confined to home, they yearned to be home with families and friends scattered all over the world, to renew the connections we in travel made possible and will make possible again.

Connecting humanity –
our superpower

For us, in travel, we had to fight for our home, to defend it, save it, protect it. Revive it … for a new beginning.

Creating a better home –
our quest

For Mother Earth, our collective home, we learnt to appreciate her and think anew about how to love her better, less with words, more with deeds.

Pursuing sustainable travel –
our duty